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About Qane Medical

The importance of using the latest technological tools to detect and treat health issues is constantly on the rise. As time goes by, many people also want to use modern tools to slow down the aging process (or at least look relatively young). Qane Medical has all the essential tools people need to counter the impacts of aging on their skins.
The post-Covid world has introduced a new era of advancement in medical technology. At Qane Medical, people can witness state-of-the-art infrastructure and excellent working professionals in the field. When people need a personalized approach to treatment, they choose facilities run by Qane Medical. Even a single experience is convincing enough for people to turn to them for their medical-related issues in the future.

Our Services

Medical Devices Trading

Trading the provision of high-end medical devices across the world.

Healthcare & Treatments

We have more then 200 medical centers around the world.

Anti Aging Treatments

Clinics for non surgical anti ageing treatment, We help individuals face age in good shape.

Innovation & Development

As Qane Medical considers technology important, including innovation in their core values.

Our Mission

Under The Qane Holding, Qane Medical works with the best in the healthcare sector. It is willing to become a leader in the medical field by utilizing modern technology effectively and collaborating with the right partners in this field. Forging meaningful partnerships and excellent work ethics are the key to success in the medical-related environment.
Faisal Ali Qane, CEO of Qane Medical, has big dreams of developing an exemplary environment in the Medical Sector.

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